Thursday, March 17

Johnsonville Review and weekly shopping deals

Thanks to SheSpeaks I received 4 free item coupons and numerous 1.50 off of any Johnsonville products. I had a chance yesterday to pick up a pack of Brats and Italian Sweet Sausage while doing my weekly shopping. I got home at dinner time and didn't have anything planned, so my husband was happy to see the Johnsonville products. We grilled them with onions and they were delicious! I still have some of the ground sausage left and plan to mix that with some hamburger to make meatballs for an Italian meal. I tried this a few weeks back and the family loved it. So if you're looking for some delicious easy dinners, this fits the bill.
I had a great week in savings. I spent almost 4 hours preparing for my shopping this week but it was worth it. I started with a Target trip earlier in the week and had 4 kids with me because we are on spring break. Usually kids= big spending and little savings but because I was so organized this week and stuck to my list I saved over $78 and I only payed $48! It was a long list, mostly food and health items but my favorite finds included General Mills cereal that is on sale for 2.50 and used a $1.50 on 3 General Mills Target coupon and 3 manufacturing coupons of $.55 to bring the cost down to $1.45 a box. The Sobe water is $1 with .50 off coupons on the Target site and my favorite deal was the Tropicana OJ priced at $3 this week and I was able to use the $2 off mfr. coupons that printed within the past few weeks- making the OJ just $1!  There are 4 ct Roll Ups in the $1 section and lots of .50/2 coupons available to print- so $1.50 for 8, not the best deal, I think when Carr's does their sale on those it can't be beat, but when you are out, this is a good deal. Also if you are a Mountain Dew fan, Target has a great deal this week- $3 a 12 pack plus on the Target site is $1 off of 2- so only $2.50 a 12 pack- awesome price for Alaska.
I also picked up some of .59 cabbage at Carr's and took advantage of some B1G1 deals on Kraft singles and cream cheese- combined with some manf. coupons = a good deals.
Walgreen's was once my favorite deal finding store but I am finding fewer deals lately, perhaps it's because I have been well stocked on most of the health and beauty products, that I just haven't had a need. However, I do like their pop deals and was glad to see it again this week 4/$12. I also bought a few of the Easter Candy chocolates- yummm.
And finally I was able to do the bulk of my food shopping at Fred Meyer yesterday. Thanks to my free Johnsonville product coupons and a few other freebie coupons that have come in lately, I really had the savings! I tend to have a lower percentage of savings at Fred Meyer when I do my "real" grocery shopping because I can't just focus on coupon items but yesterday was the exceptions- my savings was 70%.
So a good week- sorry I don't have more specifics, I just don't have time with the kids all home today but I still wanted to share that there are some good deals to be found this week!

Tuesday, March 8

Great Mail Day and getting organized

What a fun day to get the mail! Lot's of coupons for free items including; 3 Free Johnsville Sausage products, 1 Free jar of Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce (do we have that in AK?), 1 free Egg Beater, 1 free Coffee-Mate and 1 free can of Chef Boyardee! I also got 5 coupons for 1.50 off of Johnsville products, 2 free Prilosec tablets, $1 off of Cheer, 2 free Almay pads and a sample of Head and Shoulders and a variety of other coupons! Not one single bill and I even got a box I have been waiting weeks for. ;-) So keep requesting those freebies and samples and good luck with your mail call!

I need to take some time and get organized with my coupons. I find myself printing, cutting, clipping, searching for deals and setting aside magazines with coupons but not really being very organized. I have a system that works well for me when I stick to it but I seem to like searching for the deals more than organzing them ;-)

I hope to get out and so some shopping tomorrow and if I find any great deals I'll let you all know.

Thursday, February 17

A few misc. items

I had a chance to do some shopping at Target in Wasilla yesterday and found a few good deals.
The dove bar soap 10 packs are on clearance for 6.45
I bought two for 12.90 and
I used a Target coupon at Red Plum to save $2 on 2 Dove Soaps 4pk or larger and
2 Red Plum (1/30) manf. $1.25 off (x2)
Paying $8.40 for 20 bars. These 10 packs are on the shelf in the beauty section for $10+ reg. price - Look on the end caps and the back corner of the store where they have the other bulk product clearance to find the clearance packs-
There were lots of other clearance items that say 15% off but check the tags because many are now 30-50% off.
Valentines candy was 30% off and 50% off other items- that probably came down even more today but I haven't had a chance to get over there today.

I haven't been shopping too much lately- we are preparing our house to get on the market in the near future and have found that to be a little overwhelming but as I see some deals and have time to post I will be sure to share! ;-)

I did get selected from She Speaks for the Johnsville dinner offer ( 3 coupons for FREE Johnsville Sausage and 5 1.50 off coupons!) I hope I really get the kit, It's the first time I have been selected :-)

Happy savings to all!

Tuesday, January 25

Red Box Free Rental Codes

Thanks to Couponing to Disney for sharing these codes that work for a free DVD rental

V7J6D4V – Valid anywhere

BREAKROOM – Valid anywhere

DVDONME – Valid anywhere

REDBOX – Valid for first time redbox users only!

N3WY3AR – Valid at McDonald’s locations only

DVDATWAG – Valid at Walgreens locations only

Sunday, January 23

Target Diaper Deal

I didn't see any great match-up's in the ad today but I did think the diaper deal was worth mentioning.
If you purchase 3 packs of either Pampers or Huggies at 8.99 you will get a $5 gift card.
Use 3 1.50 off of Huggies coupon's (you will need 2 computers to print 3)
bringing the cost down to $5.82 a pack!!

Saturday, January 22

Walgreen Deals week of 1/23

I have a few friends that are new to trying coupons and coupon blogs so I am going to cover a few things that you may already know. First of all, it is my opinion that Walgreen's can be a little tricky to get the deals but it is also the place I find the greatest savings, so in the end it is worth it to me. I think we have a great Walgreen's here in Wasilla and have not had many issues and hope you find the same experience.

RR = Register Rewards You will pay for the item and then get a register reward back in the amount shown in the ad, sometimes making the item free and sometimes allowing for a MM or money maker if you have a manufactures coupon. This RR is a printed coupon that can be used like cash on your next purchase. The restrictions are printed on the Register Reward.

You can not use an RR to purchase the same item and get another RR for that item. For example if you buy a Gillette Razor for $3 and get a $2 RR you can not use that RR to purchase a 2nd Gillette Razor and get a $2 RR. In fact it gets tricky because you don't want to use it to purchase another RR deal from the same manufacturer, in this case Proctor and Gamble. You can take that $2 RR and buy Colgate toothpaste that is offering a $2 rr that week and you will still get a $2rr back because it is not a Proctor and Gamble product.

You can not use an RR to pay if it's greater than your total. You can only use 1 manuf. coupon per item and an RR will count as a manuf. coupon, so be sure to have a cheap filler item for each RR you are using if you also have a manufacture coupon for all of the other items you are purchasing. Cheap fillers include Royal jello, candy, seasonal items or something you really need like milk.

Now for the deals... ( I was not very excited about this week's deals but there are a few)

Campbell's Tomato Soap and Chicken Noodle Soap $.59
Save $1.00 on any four (4) printable
Final Cost; .34/ can when you buy 4

Kleenex Facial Tissue $.99
.50 off any 3 (newspaper insert unknown date)
Final Cost; .83/bx after coupon (when you buy 3)

12 pack soda 4/$11 or .99 2L.
Dr. Pepper, 7 Up, A&W, Sunkist or Canada Dry

Nature Bounty Vitamins Buy 1 Get 1 Free

$6 for 2 select General Mills cereal
$1.50 off of 2 or $1 off of 2 (IF you printed these already- I don't see any current prints, anyone else have a link??)
Final Cost; $2.25 box

Dove Valentine Chocolate 2/$7
$1/2 Walgreen coupon (in coupon book at front entrance)
$1.00/2 Any Mars Valentine's Day products
Final Cost; $2.50/bag when you buy 2 

Gold Bond Body Wash 5.49 $3 RR
$1 coupon at smartsource
Final Cost; $1.49 after coupon and RR

Zyrtec 25 liq. gel or 30 ct. 19.99 buy 1 get 1 half off
$6/2 printable coupon
Final cost; $11.99 / bottle when you buy 2

Carefree Panty Liners 2.49 16 to 60 pack
.50 printable coupon
Final Cost 1.99 a pack

Huggies Diapers Jumbo Pack $10.49  $2 RR  (includes Pull-ups and GoodNites)
$2 off pull-ups
or $1.50 off Huggies Snug & Dry printable
Final cost 6.49 for Pull-ups after coupons and RR
or 6.99 for Huggies Snug & Dry

Saturday, January 15

Walgreen Deals for Alaska 1/16

This is my first attempt at a match-up and I know I don't have all the coupons that others have because I have missed several Sunday papers this past month but I will do my best. Please feel free to add on!!

Kellogg's Cereal and Pop Tarts 2.49
$1/ off 3 Pop Tarts
.70 off Raisin Bran
2/ $1.50 on a variety of Kellogg's cereal avail from (no longer avail.)

Vick's Products - 20 ct.  NyQuil or DayQuil or 10 oz. Liquid, 6 oz. Formula 44
Buy 3 for $15 get $5 RR
Buy 4 for $20 get $10 RR

$4 off Sinex – 12/26/10 P&G

Final cost: $6 Money-Maker after RR wyb (4) Sinex NyQuil or DayQuil and use (4) $4 coupons

Arizona Tea 16 - 23.5 oz .79 with in ad coupon

Finest Nature Vitamins B1G1 Free - all

Nature Made Heart Health Supplements B1G1 Free

Fish Oil, Co Q-10, Flaxseed Oil, Cholest Off, Vitamin D or Triple Omega.

Some may have $3 or $5 off from a very fast promotion on earlier this week

Gatorade (and G2) 4/$5  $1 off coupon in the Walgreen's monthly coupon book
$1 each after coupon

Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap 24 -32 oz  7.79 B1G1 Free

Neosporin Lip Health .27 or .35 oz
2 for $9 - $3 RR
$1 off printable (x2)
Final Cost: $2 each after coupons and RR

Tom’s of Maine Antiperspirant/Deodorant, Toothpaste, Mouthwash - $3.99

$3 RR
Final Cost: .99

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers (20- 50 pack) 2/ $22
3 RR
$1.50 – 12/26/10 P&G (use 2)
(I also found some on the back of my Cheerio boxes I bought at Carr's 2 weeks ago)

Final cost: $8 / pack when you buy 2

Advil, Robitussin or Dimetapp 10 ct. Advil Congestion Relief, Robitussin, Children’s Advil or Dimetapp - 2/$10

Get a $3 Register Reward wyb $10 or more
$2 off Dimetapp printable coupon

Final cost: $1.50 each wyb 2 Dimetapp after coupons and RR

Wal-itin, Wal-zyr (30 ct.) or Itchy Eye Drops B1G1 Free
Full Fast - appetite control spray $10
$10 RR
Free after RR

Thermacare 2.50
2.50 RR
$1 printable
$1 money maker after coupon and RR

Joint Juice Glucosamine Chondroitin $10
$10 RR
Free after RR

Starbucks 4 pack  Double Shot, 6.5 oz. ea. • Frappuccino, 9.5 oz. ea.
4.99 in ad coupon
$1 – 11/21/10 SS

Final Cost 3.99 or .99 each can/bottle

Blue Diamond Almonds 6 oz 2/$4
.60 off any two 6oz cans (newspaper coupon from??) exp. 3/31/11

final cost: 1.70 / can when you buy 2